We are happy to provide Instrumental Music Lessons at our Summer Recreation Program.  All lessons will take place in the Music rooms and Classrooms at the Middle School.  We are limiting the number of students and grade levels in our first year as we try to develop this program even further next year.  There will be no exceptions to grade levels.  Thank you.

Students ENTERING INTO  grades 3, 4 and 5 will have the opportunity to improve their techniques and skills playing a specific instrument.  These classes will be taught by our District Band and Music teachers.  These are 6 week (one class) lessons.
You do not need experience playing an instrument nor do you have to have an instrument to register.  One will be provided to you.

There are two levels of lessons.  Please register for the correct level and Grade when selecting.
JUMP START- For students who have never played an instrument and wish to learn (Only for 3rd and 4th Graders)
BEGINNING CLASS- For students who have been playing or have experience playing the instrument. (3rd and 5th Graders)
Lessons will be for the following so be sure to select the correct item.
1. Brass -Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Tuba, Baritone Horn
2. Woodwind -Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax
3. String 1-Violin and Viola
4. String 2 - Cello and Bass
1. These Music Lessons are for the 6 week program.  That is they run every day for the entire 6 weeks of camp for either the "A" Class or the "B" Class.
2. If you select a Music Lesson that is provided on an "A" Day-Please select an additional "B" Activity for each of the three sessions and vise- versa.
3. You can also register for the full day upgrade if you choose.
4. If you have an instrument it will be locked away and secured if you choose to be a Full Day Camper.  You may bring your own instruments.
5. Please be sure to note the grade levels when registering.  There are no exceptions that will be made to grade level requirements.
-1A/2A/3A - 'Jump Start' Woodwind 4th Grade - NO  Experience required
-1B/2B/3B - 'Jump Start' Brass 4th Grade - NO  Experience Required
-1A/2A/3A - Beginning Woodwind 5th Grade - Experience required
-1B/2B/3B - Beginning Brass 5th Grade - Experience Required
-1A/2A/3A - 'Jump Start' String- Violin/Viola 3rd Grade - NO Experience required
-1B/2B/3B - 'Jump Start' String -Cello/Bass 3rd Grade - NO Experience Required
-1A/2A/3A - Beginning String- Violin/Viola 3rd Grade - Experience required
-1B/2B/3B - Beginning Cello/Bass 3rd Grade - Experience Required

We will offer Training by Varsity Head Coaches in the Areas of Lacrosse / Baseball / Soccer for the 2017 Summer Program.  Each year we will add further areas of training.
These activities are geared for the student who wants a more intensive atmosphere and wishes to sharpen their skills within these sports.  Students will be put through drills and placed into small game like situations.  Open to boys and girls.
These activities require students to have their own equipment such as a Lacrosse Stick, Helmet, Cleats, Glove and protective gear.  We WILL NOT issue any equipment to students for these activities.