nurse                 Marisa Orlic, RN
 Woodland School Nurse
Health Office Phone 733-2335
                                                                                           Fax 733-3524

May is School Nurses Month!
As part of this celebration,
here are just a few things a school nurse does and more! 


School Nurses:

School Nurse  
    Triage student health concerns
 School Nurse    
    Access physical and emotional issues
School Nurse     Provide Nursing Diagnosis – related to the
 student’s response to a medical condition
School Nurse    Provide primary healthcare to students and
   staff including first aid and chronic condition
School Nurse  
   Counsel students on health and emotional issues
School Nurse    Administer medications on a daily and as
   needed basis
School Nurse
     Refer health issues to healthcare providers for
   further care and treatment as needed
School Nurse
   Provide health screenings –vision, hearing and
   scoliosis per State regulations
School Nurse
    Monitor health appraisals for NYS mandates and
   sports participation
School Nurse
    Write individualized Healthcare Plans 
School Nurse     Teach students to manage their own healthcare
School Nurse     Acts as a liaison between the home and the 
student’s medical provider
School Nurses provide students with what they need in order to be at school and participate in learning experiences!
Mrs. M. Orlic, RN
Woodland Elementary School
             ***All medical forms can either be brought into the Health Office
here at Woodland or faxed to the
school at the number listed above***
 school nurse