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Prescription Medications
Special Considerations


Your Survival Guide for Safe and Healthy Travel

Family Vacation

Be Proactive – Anticipate issues that could arise

·         Learn about your destination

·         See a doctor before you travel

·         Think about your health status
Are you too sick to travel?
Do you have any special health needs?


Be Prepared – Plan ahead to deal with illness or injury

·         Pack Smart

·         Plan ahead for illness or injuries during your trip

·         Know what to do if you become sick or injured

·         Know and share information about your trip


Be Protected – Practice healthy behaviors during your trip

·         Pay attention to your health during your trip

·         Use sunscreen & insect repellent

·         Be careful with food & water

·         Try not to take risks with your health & safety

·         Wear a seatbelt

·         Wear protective gear when doing adventure  activities

·         Respect your host country & its people by following

       local laws and customs

·         Pay attention to your health when you return home

Enjoy and be safe!
Mrs. M. Orlic, RN
Woodland School Nurse


· Pack in carry-on luggage

· Pack copies of all  prescriptions

· For controlled substance &
injectable medications have note on provider’s letterhead

· Leave a copy at home with a friend or relative

· Check with the American Embassy to make sure your medicines will be allowed into the country you are visiting

· Take OTC medicines with you

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***All medical forms can either be brought into the Health Office
here at Woodland or faxed to the school at the number listed above***
 school nurse