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Geography Bee 2017

Each year, Hicksville Middle School celebrates its passion for geography by participating in the National Geographic Bee in grades 6-8. This year, the competition was a nail-biter with eighth grader Vincent coming away as Hicksville Middle School Champion. Vincent will now take an online test to try and qualify for the New York State National Geographic Bee this spring. The Geography Bee, under the leadership of social studies teacher, Mr. Kevin Kerley, encourages students to become curious and learn about geography. The competition begins in the classroom. The class winners go on to compete in the after-school championship round. The 6th grade class winner was Esmeralda; 7th grade class winner was Emily and 8th grade class winner was Vincent. The excitement built when the grade level winners faced off answering Mr. Kerley’s questions.  The audience listened intently as Mr. Kerley read the last question:  Last August, President Barack Obama announced the expansion of a marine national monument, creating the world’s largest marine protected area. ThePapahanaumokuakea [pah-pah-ha-noh-moh-koo-ah-KAY-ah] Marine National Monument is located off the coast of which U.S. state? Vincent correctly answered: Hawaii. Congratulations to all the students who took part in the National Geographic Bee and best of luck to Vincent as he competes to qualify for the state level Geography Bee. 


Building winner:  Vincent

Grade 6: Esmerelda

Grade 7: Emily

Grade 8: Vincent